Farewell to our Fight Club in Dulwich Hill

Father Dave’s Old School Boxing Academy trained out of the church hall of Holy Trinity, Dulwich Hill from 1991 to 2021. We trained many champions. More importantly, we saw a great many crazy kids grow into confident adults, and, in a lot of cases, we played a significant role in that process.

December 31, 2021, was where it ended. We had over 3,000 people sign the community petition, asking the church for a stay of execution. None was given. Even so, as my dad used to say, when the work of God is like a flowing stream, and when someone drops a rock in the stream, the water will find a way around it. Our work will continue. We are currently training at the Fight Lab in Tempe with my old friend, Kon Pappy, and we continue to train at Binacrombi bush camp on the weekends. Join us.

Featured below is some footage taken from our last training session.

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