Our Last Hurrah?

Hi team. Father Dave here. It’s been a painfully long time since we met and trained together. Many are calling and asking when we are opening up again. I have good news and bad news (but I’m afraid it’s mostly bad). ☹

Gyms can open again from this week onwards, but only for fully vaccinated people. Your trainers refuse to discriminate against unvaccinated people. We will therefore not be training again at our regular gym location until everybody is welcome. Besides that, the current social distancing and mask-wearing requirements make boxing-training near impossible. That means the Dulwich Hill gym will not officially be open again until Thursday, December 2nd.

Further, the church of the Holy Trinity in Dulwich Hill has given me notice that they intend to evict us at the end of December when our lease runs out. I appealed for a six-month extension but received an email today telling me that this request has been refused. I am not sure what to do about this. We have no alternative location at the moment. Our immediate plan is to protest the decision though I’m not exactly sure what form that will take. Expect a petition, picketing and public protests. Stay tuned. I’ll be posting updates on the Boxing Academy Facebook page and on this webpage.

I did promise some good news: 😊

  • Firstly, for those who wish to do some open-air training between now and December 2nd, I will be at Marrickville Oval tonight, and intend to be there every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6.30 pm. I’m expecting Mike to be with me on Thursday and expect that the other trainers may join me too. We can certainly go for a run, and I can fill my ute-tray with gloves and pads. Turn up and we can work it out.
  • Secondly, there will be no charge for anybody between now and the end of the year – not for training in the park and not for training in the gym when we get back there. Let’s get as many involved as we can for the last part of this year and, if this is our last hurrah, let’s make it a great one!

yours in the Good Fight


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